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ETA Circuit Breakers has introduced a 24VDC power distribution system for use at the device level in automated process control, production plants and power plants.

A single ETA SVS09 distribution board provides plug-in sockets for electronic and thermal-magnetic circuit breakers to protect each of 10 outputs from the effects of overloads and short circuits.

At the same time it offers an integrated alarm-handling function for single and group signalisation.

The ETA SVS09 power distribution system can be built up of cascades of individual boards designed in a master/slave mode, with up to five slaves to each master.

This cascading allows plant equipment, such as transducers, actuators, valves, distributed PLCs and intelligent terminals to be clustered into function groups and incorporated in the plant’s overall alarm-monitoring system.

This offers cost and space savings in the design of control cabinets.

Each load circuit interrupted by an overload or short circuit generates a single alarm: the individual circuit breaker can be simply re-set manually.

At the same time, by using a plug-in signalisation module, a group alarm is generated for the whole cascade, master plus slaves: this group alarm can be acknowledged by a momentary switch/relay/PLC, locally or remotely, immediately reactivating the group-signalling function of the cascade.

The ETA SVS09 can be directly mounted on a DIN-rail.

The maximum load per position is 4A, while the maximum continuous load per SVS09 board is 30A.

All terminals are spring-loaded for rapid installation.

The SVS09 is suitable for electronic circuit breakers, such as the ETA ESS20 and ESX10, and thermal-magnetic circuit breakers, such as the ETA 2210, 3600 and 3900; all of which can be simply plugged in directly to the SVS09 base.

ETA Circuit Breakers

E-T-A designs and manufactures a broad range of electro-mechanical and electronic products for circuit protection, control and instrumentation, including the world’s largest range of circuit breakers for equipment (CBEs). E-T-A’s product programme also includes highly innovative electronic devices and systems with switching, protection and control functionality; as well as a range of process sensors for flow and level sensing.

E-T-A equipment is specified and installed by a wide variety of industrial OEMs and end-users, with key markets including air, sea and land transport, process control, computers and communications, medical equipment, domestic appliances, machine tools and robotics.

Founded in 1948 and still in private ownership, E-T-A has established itself as market leader in the design, development and manufacture of circuit breakers for equipment protection. E-T-A is an international company with headquarters in Altdorf, Germany, and production facilities in several other countries, together with marketing, sales and technical operations throughout the industrial world. Its European, North American and Far Eastern markets are served by some 1,500 employees.

Quality Assurance
E-T-A products are safety-critical items: when required to do so they must perform reliably and predictably – to protect property and people. E-T-A Quality Management has always been prominent within the organisation, working with other departments to establish the foundations upon which E-T-A’s reputation is based. The E-T-A mark is recognised today as a symbol of reliability throughout the world.

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