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Environmental Treatment Concepts (ETC) has provided Scalewatcher Enigma units for East Worthing Treatment Works as a solution to a struvite build-up in system pipework.

This has caused major problems within the digestion process.

It has not only affected the business financially, but has carried a high level of risk to compliance.

As a result, no centrifuges are running to produce sludge cake and intern odours have been created from sludge holding tanks, which has had a detrimental effect on local residents.

This has meant Southern Water mechanical technicians spending, on average, 20 hours a week using mechanical aids to chip away scale from the pump bowl and impellers, resulting in the reduced running time of the plant.

A short-term solution was introduced, which involved dosing with chemicals; this began to emulsify the scale, enabling the digestion process to be restarted and compliance maintained, but this was expensive and uneconomical over a prolonged period.

After a meeting with ETC, the company decided to install the Scalewatcher Enigma units.

Commissioned at a price of GBP12,000, the equipment has now been running for six months with no apparent problems with either pumps blocking or with process issues.

The total saving for Southern Water at this site is estimated at around GBP100,000 per year.

Southern Water is now exploring using this patented technology on other fluid systems to further save time and money while improving operational and equipment efficiency.

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