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ABB has released the FECA-01 EtherCAT adapter for the ACS355 and ACS850 drives, which is suited for the packaging, material handling, printing, rubber and plastics, and machine-tool industries,

The FECA-01 supports CANopen over EtherCAT (CoE) protocol.

The ease of integration is amplified with the simple configuration of ABB drive products and the ability to use standard Ethernet cabling.

The flexible plug-in adapter provides fast and simple connectivity to the ABB AC500 PLC (programmable logic controller) and all other major programmable automation controllers/interfaces that support the EtherCAT protocol.

Applications include packaging machines, high-speed presses, injection-moulding machines, woodworking machines, machine tooling (CNC), test beds, robotics, materials handling/logistics and high-speed bottling lines (food and beverage).

EtherCAT is a real-time Ethernet technology that aims to maximise the use of the full duplex Ethernet bandwidth.

It overcomes the overhead normally associated with Ethernet via employing ‘on the fly’ processing hardware.

An EtherCAT bus consists of a master system and up to 65,535 slave devices, connected together with standard Ethernet cabling.

The slave devices process the incoming data directly, extract or insert relevant data and transfer the message to the next EtherCAT slave device, making a loop.

There are several protocols that can be used as the application layer.

In the CANopen over EtherCAT (CoE) technology, the CANopen protocol is applied to EtherCAT.

By combining this high-speed/data-infused protocol with ABB’s feature-enriched ACS355 and ACS850 drives, customers will be able to develop robust solutions.

This includes real-time control and the ability to extract real-time data to gain further optimisation for applications.

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