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Ethernet Direct is offering video tutorials designed to assist engineers to increase technical knowledge in industrial Ethernet through an automated learning platform called Educational Link.

In the majority of plant floor and enterprise-level applications, Ethernet is a standard communication technology because it offers a range of transmission media such as copper, fibre and wireless data transmission to make vertical integration possible.

Current field buses use different types of transmission.

The right knowledge allows an engineer or network administrator to manage a flawless network.

There are many questions to be answered, including: which feature in a switch handles multicast traffic; how you allow industrial switches to create a single collision domain logically even though the nodes are on separate network segments; how do you prevent a link failure; what kind of redundancy network solution do you need if different switches are running in different redundant protocols such as rapid spanning tree protocol and proprietary ring protocol; and how to create a primary path and back-up path upon failure of the primary path in a network.

Support is an important factor when choosing which industrial Ethernet device to deploy.

Video tutorials and online help is readily available 24×7 on Educational Link.

All information is easily available via the web to make it easier for customers to find what products they need, be able to configure the product they need and obtain product detail via the online e-learning.

Information available in the Educational Link library includes: Ethernet Glossary and terms; access to the Ethernet reference library – terminology and industrial application; enhanced and simplified product information, set-up, applications; training videos for clearer understanding of product or technology features; Powerpoint presentation about various topics; issues facing industrial Ethernet applications; interactive ability to share insights and feedback.

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