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Ethernet Direct Corporation, a provider of industrial networking and communication solutions, has released its IRE-323EC industrial ethernet switch.

The IRE-323EC supports Modbus over transmission control protocol (TCP) and comes with extended-temperature and optional conformal coating.

Industrial ethernet is a trend in industrial communications and automation applications because the majority of PLC and DCS manufacturers offer devices with a built-in ethernet interface to allow industrial control equipment to be integrated into the industrial automation.

Direct industrial ethernet switches are an open standard and guarantee more support on future technical advances, particularly in comparison with some proprietary control networks, to increase the flexibility of a network system.

The Iguana IRE-321EC is an industrial five-port ethernet switch with three 10/100Mb/s ethernet ports and two single-mode fibre ports capable of redundant ring technology.

The self-healing technology can recover from any network downtime in less than 50ms on full load.

The SCADA application can monitor the status of the ethernet and the fibre port with Modbus or OPC protocol to provide the majority of applications with a seamless process.

The industrial environment has been rapidly changing owing to factors such as surging oil prices and more stringent controls on gas emissions.

The flammability-protected IRE-323EC industrial hardened ethernet switch has been specifically designed for applications where transmission must be protected in hazardous locations from electrical exposure, surges, lightning and chemical corrosion.

In addition, the Iguana switches offer ethernet isolation of 1,500Vrms and frame ground for EMS protection.

The shielded ethernet port connectors offer a high-reliability ethernet environment for industrial control and automation.

Two power inputs can be connected simultaneously to live DC power sources.

If one of the power inputs fails, the other live source acts as a back-up and the relay output facility can deliver a warning signal during dual-power or network link failure.

In industrial automation, when IRE-323EC is placed into a redundant ring application, it detects and recovers a fibre or copper link failure in milliseconds and, engineered for mission critical, the devices installed need to assure reliable 24/7 operations.

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