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MTS has announced the completion of its R-Series Ethernet Powerlink sensors for use in dynamic control applications with short cycle times.

This product adds to the MTS portfolio of absolute, non-contact linear position sensors for real-time feedback that also includes EtherCAT interface.

A resolution of 1 micron is possible for lengths from 25mm to 20m.

Position and velocity measurements can be provided for up to four locations on the sensor to ensure optimum control characteristics, even when driving complex, multi-position tasks.

Temposonics R-Series Powerlink sensors can be integrated into networks using the Powerlink V2 open protocol with an M12 connector in star topology.

The IP address can be entered via the software or manually by DIP switches integrated in the sensor head.

Therefore, the sensor can be integrated into the network without further programming requirements.

The PLC identifies the sensor by means of XDD files and accesses its parameters as needed.

Diagnostic LEDs in the sensor head provides service personnel both visual Ethernet communication status and sensor operation.

Various housing versions are available for a variety of applications.

An aluminium profile is available for external sensor mounting on the motion axis.

For direct installation in the hydraulic cylinder, a stainless-steel measuring pipe inserts into the open piston rod.

For applications with limited space, models are available with a flexible measuring rod or with detached electronics.

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