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Profibus Group has revealed that Nedmag can access Yokogawa’s Fieldmate via an Ethernet network using the Trebing and Himstedt Ethernet-Profibus-Interface xEPI.

Nedmag is a supplier of very pure synthetic dead burned magnesium oxide.

The raw material processed at Nedmag Industries Mining and Manufacturing is extracted from deep inside the earth.

To achieve this about half a million tons of magnesium chloride salt are extracted by Nedmag every year.

The installations have evolved into an automation mix of assorted controls, process control systems, remote I/Os and field devices.

On top of that, various components use different communication protocols and device integration technologies, making vertical integration a real challenge.

Wim Zomer, head of technical automation at Nedmag, said: ‘The big idea was to make all devices accessible from one central point.’ FDT technology and Yokogawa’s Fieldmate were chosen as for device management as communication with all devices of all protocols and integration technologies was requested.

Through the Trebing and Himstedt Ethernet-Profibus-Interface xEPI, Nedmag staff can access Fieldmate via an Ethernet network.

Zomer added: ‘The good thing about the concept is that can use the infrastructure already existing in each room.

‘Via secure internet connection, members of the team can even connect and act at night or during weekends from home if necessary.’ In combination with the TH DTM for the ET 200M Siemens Remote I/O, HART over Profibus is available and accessible independently of the system provider.

The integrated and central solution at Nedmag saves money throughout the complete plant life cycle and opens up the way to efficient asset management.

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