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Trendchip Technologies has announced the TC2205F Ethernet switch chip designed specifically for telecom service providers deploying broadband access platforms.

This switch chip has four automatic energy-saving 10/100M Ethernet ports, meeting the IEEE 802.3az industry standard and can also detect network cable length and unused network ports in order to manage power consumption.

Using these technologies, telecom service providers can start deploying green energy-saving broadband networks while users can also save energy and reduce carbon emissions without their broadband access being affected.

The TC2205F has four 10/100M ports and one MII/TMII (Turbo MII) MAC interface, which is connected to the main CPU on the platform, and the 64-pin QFN packaging requires only half the number of pins in traditional switch chips.

The TC2205F combines a series of automatic energy-saving functions such as a low energy consumption mode with automatic entry and exit based on actual network traffic (Low Power Idle), and automatic detection of network cable length and unused ports to reduce unnecessary power consumption.

In addition to energy conservation, TC2205F also offers the QoS, VLAN, and IGMP V1/V2/V3 functions with full and flexible settings in order to satisfy the advanced network settings requirements of telecom service providers when deploying Triple-Play, and ensure the stable quality of video services.

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