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Ethernet Direct Corporation is offering industrial-grade Ethernet switches for military industry in-land mine-sweeping applications.

Within active combat zones, mine clearance is imperatively important for the safety of the operation and the personnel involved.

This task, previously carried out by minesweepers, is now handled by mine-detection vehicles, largely reducing human injuries and life loss, and increasing the pass-through speed for the entire operation.

The vehicle-mounted mine-detection system is a highly developed de-mining tool often deployed in the front lines.

Suitable in harsh terrain, VMMD guarantees a fast and efficient route clearance, creating safe passage for military and civilian personnel and vehicles.

A high level of integration of VMMD can be achieved using Ethernet connections.

The system integrator for this project selected Ethernet Direct as the industrial Ethernet switch solutions provider.

The selected product was the HMG-628G eight-port industrial full gigabit managed Ethernet switch.

HMG-628G’s gigabit capabilities allow fast data transmission.

HMG-628G has an X-Ring Ring Redundancy design with less than 10ms recovery time.

This feature ensures non-stop communications.

HMG-628G is also equipped with two SPF ports, providing extra flexibility in selecting the most suitable fibre interfaces.

Other management functions, such as QoS, further help facilitate the speed of operation by prioritising different data and signals.

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