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Garrettcom’s Ethernet switches are providing a redundant network infrastructure for a floating LNG storage and regasification terminal off the coast of Italy.

Garrettcom supplied 6K32TRC (managed) and ES42H-2SC (unmanaged switches), all configured for 24V DC power.

The 6K32TRC is a 32-port, free-convection-cooled rack-mount Ethernet switch that has been designed for applications where rack space is at a premium or where strict EMI/EMC regulations preclude the use of conventional fan cooling.

It uses an innovative casework design and thermal-management techniques to guarantee operating safety in hazardous environments.

The 6K32TRC managed switch provides 16 fixed 10/100Mb copper ports, plus two modular slots that can be freely configured to best meet user requirements.

The modular slots can accommodate a mixture of 10/100Mb copper ports, 100Mb fibre ports and Gigabit ports.

For example, users can specify up to a further 16 10/100Mb copper ports to give 32 in all, or between one and four Gigabit ports, mixing and matching as required.

Gigabit ports can be configured for a variety of fibre and copper cabling types and distances.

The ES42H is a compact, hardened and rugged-edge switch that provides a total of six Ethernet ports.

Four are always RJ-45 copper ports and the remaining two can be user specified as two 100Mb fibre ports, or one fibre and one copper port, or two copper ports.

The ability to connect these edge switches in either ‘star’ or ‘ring’ configuration using non-proprietary self-healing protocols such as RSTP-2004 was said to be one of the benefits of the Garrettcom products in this application.

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