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Lenze is offering the ETP Hyloc bush, based on hydromechanical principles, for the assembly and disassembly of hubs to shafts.

It reduces sticking and fretting and replaces keyways that have problems with fitting, backlash and fretting.

Hyloc also replaces taper connections that are difficult to release and prone to damage from dirt contamination.

Hyloc creates a backlash-free shaft connection that is easy to adjust and fast to fix and release.

Hyloc locking bushes are available from Techdrives in a standard range for shafts from 50 to 220mm.

Customised models can be supplied for larger shafts.

Connections can be made to gears, rolls, turbine impellors and other types of hub using surfaces that are machined parallel and to standard tolerances.

Hyloc works using hydraulic pressure from a hand or electric pump.

It consists of double-walled sleeve that encloses a tapered piston that moves axially under hydraulic pressure.

Connection ports allow the piston to be driven into the sleeve, which forces the walls outwards, creating a friction connection between the shaft and the hub.

When the pressure is removed the piston locks mechanically, forming a secure joint with high radial-load capacity.

The bush is released by applying pressure to ports that connect to the opposite end of the piston, forcing it back down the sleeve.

Hyloc is used in rolling mills, water turbines, feed rolls and dynamometers.

Torque ratings are high, for example 30kNm on a 100mm shaft, and the torque is proportional to the mounting pressure so it can be adjusted.

Normally bushes are set at 1000 bar, but anywhere in a range 800 to 1200 bar is possible.

During assembly it is easy to adjust and precisely position the hub radically and axially.

Once set, the Hyloc has good concentricity with run-out values of 0.01 to 0.02mm, allowing connection of output gears to gearbox shafts.

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