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Euchner has published a hardback booklet on safety engineering.

It provides nearly 200 pages of information for process and production engineers, covering the planning, development and construction of safety systems for machine-based operations.

This booklet is a guide to the proliferation of national and international standards, as well as containing practical examples of how technology can be applied in the workplace to provide effective safety systems, encompassing essential process and personal security.

It contains a brief outline of the historical development of Euchner limit switches and safety devices, with information on a wide range of their current electromechanical switching devices, general guard-locking systems and non-contact safety switches.

The development of relay technology covering higher levels of security for switching operations is also included.

Limit switches featuring plastic or metal housings and multiple operating heads are included, together with integrated or separate actuators with multi-directional approach of operating mechanisms to ensure maximum installation versatility.

Guard locking, using supplementary bolts or compact safety hinges incorporating several switching elements can provide integrated safety functions.

Special switches including TZ and STF models incorporate specialised features, with the CES, CEM and CET ranges having the advantages of built-in microelectronics and transponder technology.

Where personnel need to work in areas where machinery is still running, enabling switches are available to provide the appropriate additional safety levels of compliance.

The introduction of Euchner SMO and GMO safety monitors, used with associated safety sensors, has allowed the introduction of bus-operated systems including Profibus, Devicenet and AS-Interface Safety at Work.

For more sophisticated safety operations, applicable to complete process systems as well as individual machines, the EKS and EKM electronic key systems were introduced, offering up to 255 different access levels covering a complete production area.

A section of the book is devoted to the application of standards EN 62061 and EN ISO 13849-1, and includes risk assessment together with the changeover to and evaluation of applications for new standards, with an additional overview of many current standards.

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