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To celebrate the release of its U2 compact handheld inkjet printer, Euromark is giving start-up businesses the chance to trial the machine with no obligation to purchase.

The company hopes that, by demonstrating the functionality and quality that can be achieved by using equipment such as the U2 Mobile, more businesses will consider direct print applications rather than printing onto labels, which is often more costly and laborious.

A development of the original U2, the U2 Mobile is said to be the most lightweight printer on the market and retains the affordability and multifunctional characteristics of its predecessor.

Featuring a four-in-one design with a 2.8in LCD screen, a remote keypad, ink cartridge and print head all contained within a neat, hard-wearing box, it is a complete standalone inkjet printer.

The U2 Mobile fits into an ambidextrous handheld trigger system and comes with an extended battery life of up to seven hours, allowing users to continuously print more than 200,000 high-resolution characters anywhere, at any angle without any ink leakage.

Its shaft encoder monitors the speed and position relative to the printing surface to ensure a consistently high quality and uniform print.

The U2 Mobile’s flexible design allows this machine to run various types of ink for numerous print substrates and identifies the type of ink used before automatically selecting the best printing parameters.

For increased versatility, the U2 Mobile has a built in SD card slot, for easy software upgrades and data back-up.

Based on the plug-n-print concept for minimal downtime and maintenance, this compact, lightweight portable printer has six height ranges and the ability to print text, graphics and barcodes on up to four different lines in superior print resolution of up to 600dpi.

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