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Euroquartz has introduced a range of low EMI oscillators with enhanced jitter performance.

As a drop-in replacement for standard clock oscillators, the 3EQHM53Y series is suitable for use in a range of applications and avoids the expense of redesigning an existing PCB.

The 3EQHM53Y series oscillators use spread spectrum (dithered) techniques to reduce EMI emissions from the oscillator by as much as 15dB.

Spread spectrum technology spreads the mode energy over a wider bandwidth, while the modulation carrier frequency, operating in the kHz region, makes the process transparent to the oscillator frequency.

Euroquartz’s low EMI oscillators offer enhanced jitter performance with cycle-to-cycle jitter of +/-100ps typically better than half the jitter specification of standard devices.

Housed in standard 5 x 3.2 x 1.2mm surface-mount packages, the 3EQHM53Y oscillators are a direct drop-in replacement for standard oscillators that enable engineers to make an immediate impact on EMI performance.

Specifications include frequency range from 10 to 160MHz, choice of four spread types (down spread one and three per cent and centre spread +/-0.5 and +/-1.5 per cent), EMI reduction from -9dBc minimum to -15dBc minimum depending on spread type and modulation carrier frequency from 12kHz minimum to 42kHz maximum.

Frequency stability characteristics are +/-25, +/-50 or +/-100ppm over commercial (0 to 70C) and industrial (-40 to 85C) temperature ranges.

The Euroquartz 3EQHM53Y series oscillators are RoHS compliant and suitable for a range of applications including multi-function printers, digital copiers, PDAs, networking, LAN/WAN storage, computer storage systems (CD-ROM, VCD, DVD, HDD), scanners, modems, projectors, embedded systems, musical instruments, automotive electronics, GPS car navigation systems, LCD PC monitors and TVs, ADSL, PCMCIA equipment and still digital cameras.

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