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Cosaf Breezair evaporative cooling systems cool buildings at a fraction of the price of installing and operating air-conditioning.

Evaporative cooling can spot-cool specific areas or cool a whole building, decreasing ambient temperatures by about 8C and replacing stale air with fresh air and filtering-out pollutants.

Evaporative cooling can increase productivity and reduce workstation temperatures, workplace accidents and staff absenteeism.

It provides excellent cooling properties and ventilation, uses water as a working fluid and avoids the use of polluting-HFCs (hydrofluorocarbons) used by compressor-type systems.

Mechanical ventilation moves air along desired air distribution patterns and gives a more uniform control of the environment.

When minimum ventilation rates (air change rates) are set as part of building regulations, they do not account for the local climatic conditions.

Evaporative cooling systems simultaneously ventilate and cool at the same time.

They are designed for each application based on local climatic conditions.

Often this requires a higher air change rate than the minimum specified.

This higher airflow improves air quality.

The Breezair cool/vent mode gives the option of operating the system as a cooler or ventilator.

Within industrial environments this means that winter ventilation can still be used to remove vapours, odours and heat.

This method cools by evaporating water, transferring sensible heat to latent heat; this means energy is only needed to drive the supply air fan and the small water-circulating pump.

Direct evaporative air-coolers with a saturation efficiency of at least 80 per cent can easily cool buildings from about 50C to 12C below the outdoor air temperature, depending on the climatic conditions.

Refrigerated air conditioning can achieve the same but is unable to provide a through-flow of healthy fresh air and ventilation and will cost more to install and run.

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