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Evikon MCI is developing fuel level sensors with a construction that offers accuracy in diesel fuel level measurement.

The E2700 range of digital fuel level sensors is specially designed to measure the level of diesel fuel in vehicle and stationary tanks, for applications such as vehicle tracking, AVL and fleet management systems.

Based on highly sensitive capacitive technology and stable construction, the sensors ensure accurate and reliable measurement.

The measurement stem is made of special light metal alloy to ensure corrosion resistance and stiffness.

The vertical slot in the stem reduces the possibility of clogging by different residues in the fuel and improves the reaction time, compared to closed tube.

The sensor has no moving parts and the electronics box is completely sealed.

This provides protection against mechanical and atmospheric impact and the electronics are not damaged or affected.

The E2700 series is claimed to provide high accuracy of fuel level measurement even in low-profile tanks.

The resolution is better than 0.1 per cent of the range, typically 0.07mm.

Thanks to the digital integrating filter, short-term fuel-level fluctuations do not affect the sensor output.

E2700 series sensors are offered in several versions with IC, EIA232 or EIA485 digital interfaces and protocols for best compatibility with controllers used in fleet management applications.

Digital signals offer better resolution and reliability at high electromagnetic interference conditions.

Custom alterations are also possible, such as special stem and cable lengths or controller-specific interfaces and data interchange protocols.

Depending on application requirements, the stem can be easily cut directly at the installation place up to 25 per cent of initial length to fit into the tank.

Evikon offers two standard stem lengths that suit the majority of fuel tanks: 800mm, which can be cut to 200mm, and 1,600mm, which can be cut to 400mm.

E2700 series fuel level sensors have a light construction and can be mounted in the tank by using only three connection screws.

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