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EH Stock is using Ewag tool grinders supplied by Koerber Schleifring UK to produce a wide range of products, sometimes in very small batches, to high accuracies.

Established in 1969 as a manufacturer of HSS, tungsten carbide, rotary cutters and form tools, EH Stock soon began to produce affordable PCD (polycrystalline diamond) and PCBN (polycrystalline boron nitride) tooling.

Its combination of skills enables EH to ‘partner’ with customers to quickly develop specific machining solutions for gearshaft production and for piston grooving using PCD tooling, for example.

Operations manager Paul Curry said that the company is helping a wide range of industries – in particular, aerospace – to maximise product design and manufacturing methods with fit-for-purpose tooling.

‘The early uptake of PCD and PCBN was characterised by demand for a wide variety of inserts required in relatively small batches – PCBN types especially – and this prompted us to invest in production machinery appropriate for the task and flexible enough to accommodate all these variations yet be adaptable for volume runs,’ he said.

‘The Ewag grinders are capable of producing a variety of inserts, with quick changeover, in the most cost-effective way.

‘At the same time, the machines would also need to cope with increasing volumes as tools and inserts became proven,’ he added.

The EH shopfloor is populated by a wide range of machinery that can meet the demand for the host of standard and special insert and tooling styles produced, including a three-axis Ewag Easygrind machine.

But the focus is on a duo of six-axis Ewag Ewamatic production centres, available from Korber Schleifring UK of Honiley.

Based on a modular design concept that enables specific tooling/production demands – centred around six-axis grinding in a single clamping – to be met by a variety of machine configurations, the Ewamatic can grind complex forms to an accuracy of 0.002mm via its star-shaped grinding spindle holder (up to two wheels per spindle end).

In addition, an erosion unit is offered for the combined erosion and grinding of PCD materials in a single set-up, and this has been used to good effect by EH in the production of round tooling.

With automatic wheel dressing, linear handling, four-axis robot loading and workpiece stacker all contributing to the benefits of unmanned multi-shift operation, the machine’s Pro Grind software also helps generate streamlined production routines.

The Ewamatic has X, Y and Z axes movements of 360mm x 240mm x 240mm, and resolutions in these axes of 0.0001mm (and similar resolutions in the A, B and C axes).

It offers +/-135deg in the B (swivel) axis and -15deg to +25deg in the A (grinding head) axis.

The machine’s C axis is the workhead with side clamping.

‘With in-built flexibility for speedy changeover to meet varying batch sizes of inserts for different styles and complexities, as well as single set-up working and the ability to run unmanned round the clock, if required, the Ewags enable us to compete against imports from lower-cost economies,’ said Curry.

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