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The Ewag Ewamatic Line production centre from Korber Schleifring UK is able to process a range of carbide, PCD and super-hard PCBN tooling and inserts.

Based on a modular design concept that enables specific tooling/production demands – centred around six-axis grinding in a single clamping – to be met by a variety of machine configurations, the Ewamatic Line can grind complex forms to an accuracy of 0.002mm via its star-shaped grinding spindle holder (up to two wheels per spindle end).

In addition, an erosion unit is offered for the combined erosion and grinding of PCD materials in a single set-up.

With automatic wheel dressing, linear handling, four-axis robot loading and workpiece stacker all contributing to the benefits of unmanned multi-shift operation, the machine’s Ewag Pro Grind software also helps generate streamlined production routines via: * Programming – recorded sub-programs complemented by alerts of any ‘data gaps’ * Human Machine Interface – supports program set-up; fast recall of program data for reduced downtime * Order management – provides a production overview * Pressure and force control – allows machine feeds to be precisely controlled; essential on super-hard materials.

With X, Y and Z axis movements of 360 x 240 x 240mm, and resolutions in these axes of 0.0001mm (and similar resolutions in the B, A and C axes), the Ewamatic Line offers +/- 135 degrees in the B (swivel) axis and – 15 degrees to + 25 degrees in the A (grinding head) axis.

The machine’s C axis is the workhead with side clamping.

The 7.5kW spindle provides 200 to 6000rev/min (optionally, 1000 rev/min to 12000 rev/min).

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