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Exact Flow has published a series of free flow-measurement technical documents on its website.

The documents guide the implementation of precision turbine flowmeter technology in a range of industrial, aerospace and automotive applications, among others.

The Exact Flow technical tips describe end-user considerations for turbine flowmeters, which offer advantages such as: exceptional precision and repeatability; fast response time (typically a few milliseconds); and wide flowrange options for single- and multiple-viscosity calibrations, combined with installation flexibility and associated digital-readout devices, including flow computers with control options for PCs and PLCs.

Topics on the Exact Flow website include: Turbine Helical Dual-Rotor Performance; Flow Range Affect on Cost and Performance; Importance of Fluid Properties; Operating Temperature Range vs.

Turbine Meter Costs; Passivation of Austenitic Stainless Steels; and Secured Internals: Key to Repeatability.

The advanced Exact Flow dual-rotor design provides extended performance not obtainable with traditional single-rotor turbine meters.

This design enhances Universal Viscosity Curves (UVCs) and extends the usable flow-measurement range.

The meters offer other benefits, such as bearing diagnostics, improved accuracy, pressure compensation, long-life ceramic bearings and high-shock internals.

Additional benefits are found in the use of helical rotors for both dual- and single-rotor turbine flowmeters, which optimise energy transfer over the entire surface of the blade, enhancing speed of response to step changes in flow rate.

Helical rotors also produce less pressure drop across the meter, as compared with the traditional flat-bladed rotor design.

This reduction, translated into force, reduces bearing wear, allowing the meter to maintain its original calibration over a longer period of time.

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