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Moduleworks has confirmed its partnership with Exapt to provide CAM toolpath and simulation components for the Exapt product range.

Exapt provides a range of CAM solutions, from lathe to full five-axis simultaneous milling.

Initially, Exapt selected Moduleworks for five-axis machining capability but has since partnered with Moduleworks for three-axis and simulation technologies.

In 2005, Exapt recognised the growing demand for five-axis simultaneous machining.

At the time, it had a full development schedule enhancing the other areas of its product and was wary of diverting resource into what could be a long and expensive development project.

The company was also concerned about time to market and therefore elected to look for a technical partner.

After evaluating the market, Exapt selected the Moduleworks five-axis machining component.

The five-axis product was launched in 2007 and initial reaction to the product was positive.

Since then, Exapt has worked with Moduleworks to enhance the product with new five-axis capability added at each release.

Following on from the five-axis integration, Exapt began to look at other component opportunities and elected to be an early adopter for the three-axis Mesh machining component, which was under development from mid-2007.

Exapt was keen to bolster its 3D machining capability and provide increased flexibility and performance to its customer base.

As the three-axis component developed, Exapt and Moduleworks worked together to integrate prototype components and address specific requirements of Exapt customers.

The first Exapt release containing the three-axis component took place in mid-2009.

Exapt has now begun work with a third Moduleworks component – simulation.

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