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Excel Software has introduced Rbapp 3.0 for Realbasic programmers.

These pure Realbasic code components require no plug-ins.

Rbapp 3.0 is compatible with the Realbasic 2011 development system from Real Software.

It can be dropped into a Mac or Windows programming project to reduce development cost and time by eliminating the need to write common application features from scratch.

Rbapp 3.0 adds major enhancements to the highly configurable Rbgrid component.

Rbgrid is a programmable grid that presents static or editable text, pictures or controls within cells.

Cell properties such as fonts, sizes, colours or styles are programmable.

New properties and methods make it easy to copy and paste data, sort columns and rows or manipulate a selected range of cells.

A programmer can define custom sorting algorithms.

Rbapp empowers applications that require graphics, page layout, data entry and manipulation grids, text editing, undo/redo commands, tool palettes, string lists, XML storage, cross-platform file management, charts or graphs.

Interface classes are included to support Quickhelp and Quicklicense from Excel Software.

Rbapp components include: Rbgrid – flexible, scaleable grid with powerful programming control; Rbchart – dynamic charts, graphs and tables with minimal programming; Rbedit – text editing of large files with undo/redo, find/replace and print; Rbview – powerful page layout built on the Realbasic graphic routines; Rbcommand – undo/redo menu and mouse commands; Rbpalette – tool bars and palettes for any platform; Rbstringlist – string list management to simplify and optimise code; RbXML – Fast XML read and write of data with minimal programming; Rbhelp – Quickhelp integration for interactive application help; Rbquicklicense – Quicklicense integration for protection and licensing; Rbcalendar – calendar dialogue that returns a selected date; Rblibrary – text-editing and file-management routines.

The Rbapp Single User License is compatible with Mac OS X, XP, Vista or Windows 7 computers.

The product includes examples, a printed and PDF user guide, and royalty-free distribution of compiled applications.

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