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Universal Industries in Estonia currently supplies exhaust systems for a host of different car brands with the help of presses and automation equipment from APandT.

Universal Industries began manufacturing exhaust systems on a small scale in 1987.

It now has 140 employees, two factories and an international customer base.

Over 98 per cent of its production is for export.

Originally, the company only manufactured exhaust systems as spare parts for the after market, but now they are an OEM (original equipment manufacturer) for several automobile brands.

This means that the company supplies original systems in large volumes directly for factory installation.

In order to meet the car industry’s high demands in terms of product quality and reliable delivery, Universal Industries is continuously developing its products and production, which is where APandT comes in.

‘The equipment we use for production must be dependable and flexible,’ said Juri Vellerand, president of Universal Industries.

‘The presses and associated automation systems that APandT offers allow us to manufacture many different parts with the same machines.

‘The ability to increase automation gradually, means that we can adjust production based on demand, and achieve a higher and more consistent level of quality in the finished products.’ Universal Industries and APandT have had contact since the end of the 1990s.

APandT delivered the first press in 2004.

It is 800 tonf (8000kN) and is used for clipping and drawing.

Since then it has delivered an additional two presses that are 200 and 800 tonf (2000 and 8000kN) and can be used for various tasks, including deep drawing.

APandT has also installed automation equipment to streamline production.

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