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More than 40 Exlar GSX20 and GSX30 linear actuators are being used in guns and magazines supplied by BAE and General Dynamics as part of the US Navy’s Advanced Gun System (AGS) programme.

BAE Systems, along with partner General Dynamics Armament and Technical Products, delivered the first automated magazine for the 155mm AGS, being developed for the DDG 1000 (Zumwalt) Destroyer programme.

The magazine is one of a total of four magazines that will be built under a Navy contract to produce four AGS weapon systems for the Navy’s first two Zumwalt class destroyers.

Exlar’s inverted roller-screw actuators with integrated brushless servo motors provide linear actuation as part of what is said to be the world’s largest fully automated ammunition-supply magazine.

Exlar’s GSX series actuator combines a brushless servo motor, an inverted roller screw and an encoder/resolver feedback source into a single compact assembly, which eliminates the cost and complexity of a systems-engineering approach, as all elements for producing linear motion have been matched and designed into the actuator.

The brushless servo design of the GSX series linear actuators allows them to be used in closed-loop servo systems where electronic control of positioning and velocity is required.

In these systems, position feedback can be provided in a number of different forms to match customer specifications, including resolvers, encoders or internally mounted linear position feedback sensors.

The GSX series actuators employ an inverted roller-screw mechanism to convert the rotary motion of the brushless motor into high-speed, high-thrust linear motion.

This mechanism has a lead accuracy of 25/300mm for high-precision operation and can also be supplied with zero backlash.

GSX actuators are also suitable for use in applications such as automatic tool changers, dispensing, wire guiding, chip and wafer handling, robot manipulation, testing, web guidance, indexing material cutting, tension control, volumetric pumps, simulation testing, automated assembly, injection moulding and riveting, joining and fastening.

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