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Jon Hilton of Flybrid Systems will reveal information about Kinetic Energy Recovery System (KERS) technology to the Institution of Engineering and Technology (IET) Lord Austin Lecture.

The lecture is set to take place at IET’s London home, Savoy Place, on 25 February.

With the Formula 1 season just weeks away, KERS technology will be integrated into the sport.

KERS systems harness the energy that is usually lost through braking and convert it into additional power.

When applied, this extra boost can assist overtaking manoeuvres and reduce lap times.

Hilton has also looked at further applications of the technology, from other motor sports series and production vehicles to trains, where there is huge potential for reducing CO2 emissions.

The lecture will also hear from Azhar Hussain, the man behind the ‘world’s first clean emission carbon free Grand Prix’ – the TTXGP – taking place on the Isle of Man TT Circuit in June.

The IET is the exclusive institution involved in the TTXGP, providing technical advice to the race organisers.

Robin McGill, IET chief executive, believes that developing greener technologies for transport is the key challenge of our time.

He said: ‘We are reaching a tipping point in the search for and acceptance of alternative energy sources.

‘The introduction of KERS into Formula 1 and the exciting new chapter that TTXGP brings to motorcycle racing provide fantastic ways of promoting new carbon-friendly technologies.

‘They will serve to inspire young engineering professionals to turn their skills to tackling the pressing energy issues of the modern world.’ The main lecture is free to attend.

If you wish to attend the dinner and hear about the TTXGP, prices start from GBP35.

These events are open to engineers and the general public.

IET (Institution of Engineering and Technology)

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