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MK Profile Systems has extended its range of profile accessories to include a drop-in nut with a spring, profile edging for panelling and a multi-functional panel block.

The drop-in nuts are intended for later insertion in the profile slot if, for example, the conventional nuts can no longer be inserted from the end of the profile.

The profile edging is designed for fixing panelling into the profile slot.

The undetachable panel block with a cover and an undercut flanged button-head screw with ribbed washer produces an undetachable panel attachment in accordance with the machinery directive.

Products in detail

Drop-in nut

  • The spring fixes the nut, making the assembly of attachment elements vertically much easier.
  • An integrated ESD function ensures conductivity of the connection.

Profile edging

  • During assembly, the profile edging is pressed into the slot of the profile together with the panelling.
  • Thanks to the geometry, the side flanks of the profile edging are pressed to the panelling; the result is a form-fitting transition with no recesses for dirt, and liquids drain to the outside.
  • The profile edging is used for panels with material thicknesses of 4–6mm.
  • The edge is available in black or silver-grey.

Panel block

  • The fixing nut can be inserted into the back panel block in two fixed positions for drill holes with 10mm or 15mm cleat edge clearance.
  • The nut can be turned 30° and is then freely adjustable in the panel block.
  • By pressing on the cap, the nut is prevented from sliding out and the panel block cannot be dismantled without removing the cap using tools.

mk Profile Systems

With over 10 years experience, mk Profile Systems is a leading supplier of aluminium profile based modular components used in automation systems, machine building & systems integration.

With over 10 years experience, mk Profile Systems is a leading supplier of aluminium profile based modular components used in automation systems, machine building & systems integration.

Our four main business areas are Profile Technology, Conveyor Technology, Linear Motion and Factory Equipment.

Our comprehensive range of over 250 Aluminium Profiles includes 25, 40, 50 & 60mm series profiles, all made from high-quality alloys.  We have various connecting methods as well as accessories and standard parts.  This provides organised functionality for modern machine building.

mk’s 24 Conveying Systems are fully compatible with the aluminium profile system. They include conveyor modules such as flat-belt, twin-belt, timing belt, chain, flat top chain and roller for automation purposes.

Our conveyor technology offers you simplified planning and design due to our standardised modules.  We offer high flexibility in system and plant building and modification due to compatibility with all mk systems.

We can provide factory equipment in the form of guarding systems, gangways, stairs, platforms and work stations for the office, shop floor, assembly hall or any other area where required.

mk’s Linear Motion range includes slide rails, rollers and fully assembled modules for materials handling applications with high levels of accuracy and repeatability.

Our key customers come from areas such as automation, robotics, system integration, factory machinery, OEMs and end users however there really are no limits for the use of mk’s aluminium profile system.
Many of our customers choose to have their designs assembled at the mk factory so the finished article is delivered directly to them, however we are just as happy to deliver a kit of parts to enable customers to assemble the goods themselves.  We will work with you to find the best way to meet your requirements, budget and time constraints.

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