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Dust Extraction Group has supplied a dust-extraction installation for a West Yorkshire-based food production company.

The project was to replace a number of old units with more efficient modules, which meet current LEV, COSHH and health and safety standards and the Atex Directive.

As the client’s production processes were quite diverse, six separate dust-extraction systems were supplied and installed.

Some systems employ flexible arms connected to a ductwork system, allowing these to be moved in and out of position as required, and other systems comprising specifically designed hooding, around dust-emission points on the client’s process.

The company utilised a number of its mechanical shake design of dust collectors complete with explosion-relief venting systems vented safely to atmosphere.

The filtered waste is collected within removable quick-release bins, with bin balance facilities to allow heavy-duty plastic bin liners to be fitted inside and thereby reduce the possibility of a secondary dust problem when emptying the bins.

As the clients facility is within a residential area, noise levels had to be kept to an absolute minimum.

This was achieved by fitting acoustic chambers around the top mounted fan sets and exit port of the fan fitted with a high-performance discharge silencer.

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