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A Teseo system is supplying compressed air to Extreme Race and Rally.

Ernie Turner, workshop manager of Extreme Race and Rally, said: ‘We’re in the business of high-performance vehicles built to be durable and adaptable and to deliver the results we need.

‘Teseo’s system delivers compressed air into our factory and is flexible enough for us to be able to modify the number and location of outlets as required in our manufacturing process.

‘We’re working on a number of different vehicles at one time; when we need to add an outlet to the system we can use the Teseo hot tapping technique to add the line without affecting pressure anywhere else in the factory.

‘It is ideal for the job: it is safe – we don’t have dirty, dangerous lines lying around on the floor – and it looks neat and professional.’ Teseo’s hollow bar system (HBS) and aluminium profile (AP) products feature aluminium extruded piping with an external rectangular section with tee slots and a fine, smooth internal bore.

A wide selection of angle and straight joints and quick clamping pieces make this system totally flexible in layout and quick to install.

The speed and ease of accurate installation reduce labour time and skills to make the Teseo system an attractive technical and economic choice for modern compressed air and fluid delivery.

The system is mounted on the factory walls with individual drops down off the ring main.

Thanks to Teseo’s ‘hot tapping’ technique, extra drops can be added while the system is in use without downtime or pressure loss.

Lighter than traditional steel airlines to install, Teseo lines are also more energy efficient, due to higher flow rates of a smooth profiled aluminium tube (typically 30 per cent higher than steel) which equates to a lower pressure drop and overall energy and cost savings, compared with traditional galvanised systems, from day one.

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