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Extronics has announced the launch of the iWAP Mobile, an Atex-approved (Zone One and Two) portable WLAN system.

The iWAP Mobile is designed around the Extronics iWAP Wireless and iANT antennas series, which are housed in a specially adapted equipment case fitted with wheels.

The rugged IP66 equipment case is made of polypropylene with an anti-static finish, making the iWAP Mobile suitable for use in demanding environments and easily transported between sites.

IWAP Mobile is said to be useful in a number of applications, such as for use in wireless surveys for deploying Wi-fi networks.

It can also be supplied with a battery pack to allow it to be deployed in any site location to allow the wireless surveying engineer to take real RF coverage and signal strength readings.

Another common application for the product, according to Extronics, is to provide Wi-fi coverage on parts of a plant that do not normally have Wi-fi access.

Connection back to the main site Ethernet network can be via a Mesh or Point-to-Point wireless connection, meaning Wi-fi can be made available on any part of the plant very rapidly to allow use of remote video collaboration tools, PDAs or tablet PCs.

The system consists of four main principle components: the mains unit, slave unit, cable reeler and Exd connectors.

Master units are mains powered (100-240VAC) and slave units are Power-over-Ethernet and require only one cable to feed it – this is provided on the cable reeler with the necessary connectors fitted at either end.

Specialised Exd live disconnect connectors are fitted to the case, which connects the system together, enabling the data communications.


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