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Habia Cable has announced an agreement with EZ Form Cable to distribute and sell its Hi-Flex power cables for commercial and military applications in the US market.

Using a combination of flexible ‘S-Line’ conductors and the latest Omnigard high-temperature insulation material, Habia is able to increase the current carrying capacity its power cables.

The higher current carrying capacity of Hi-Flex power cables also enables reductions to be made in the conductor cross section, resulting in a smaller lighter cable.

With a product range from 6 to 400mm, Hi-Flex power cables address the design and performance requirements inherent in the latest commercial and military defence cables applications.

Habia Cable also offers the Hi-Flex product in a low-smoke zero-halogen option (also known as LS0H or LSZH or low smoke zerohal).

Hi-Flex ZH maintains the high flexibility and increased current carrying capacity of the standard hi-flex power cables.

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