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KDS EZflow 2010 is a durable, basic syringe pump, designed to enhance quick, efficient operation.

It meets the CE 0197 directive and EC directive 93/42 EEC, Annex II, Article 3, and can be used for infusions from 0.1-300ml/hr with 2.5 per cent accuracy.

The LED display is visible from many angles, shows the flow rate in ml/hr, and can be toggled to show the total volume delivered in ml.

A range of syringes can be used with the unit, including 20/30, 50/60 and 100ml.

A rapid delivery key will allow the user to eliminate dead volume and excess air in the tubing prior to delivery of the fluids.

There are four visual and audible alarms for occlusion detection, low battery, near end of dispense and complete.

There are two models available for different power requirements, 115V AC (EZFlow 2010) or 220V AC (EZFlow 2011).

Both units have a rechargeable battery and can operate on 12V DC.

An optional pole-mount adapter for maximum flexibility p/n 78-0551 and a 12V DC power plug adapter p/n 78-0593 are available.

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