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Filmetrics has released its next-generation spectrometer, the F10-VC, which measures accurate reflectance and transmittance simultaneously.

The F10-VC offers speed and ease of use for vacuum-coating-analysis applications and reports minimum and maximum reflectance and transmittance values in user-configurable wavelength ranges.

The instrument’s small footprint means that it can be integrated anywhere in an operation.

It is offered as a turn-key package, complete with laptop, preloaded software and reference and thickness standards.

The F10-VC comes standard with Edge Finding, FWHM analysis routines, colour analysis and Filmetrics’ Autobaseline feature.

A simple upgrade module gives the F10-VC increased analytical power, adding thickness and index-solving capabilities.

‘The F10-VC enables simultaneous reflectance and transmittance, reduces chances for operator error and increases the number of samples that can be tested in a given amount of time exponentially,’ said Scott Chalmers, Filmetrics President.

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