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FA-ST has developed an oil filtration filter rig with an on-board particle counter – rigs are available as an upright twin-wheeled trolley or in a skid frame.

The twin unit rig is capable of processing 700-1,000 litres per hour depending on oil temperature and viscosity and is available with either 110V, 240V or three-phase electrical controls and motors.

Filtration is 3 micron absolute and the filter elements will retain up to 1 litre of water.

Rigs are available as an upright twin-wheeled trolley or in a skid frame.

The Laser Particle Counter gives an LED display with ISO readings at 4, 6,14 and 21 micron and also includes the oil temperature.

Sampling time is preset at 1min intervals, however this can be changed to any setting using Online software with a Palm reader, or be preset alternatively at the factory.

Included with the PC is a memory board that retains all the data including the date and time, which can then be downloaded to a laptop or computer to produce reports.

The memory board retains up to 500 readings with date and time and after downloading this memory can be erased for the next job.

The software is provided along with full instructions of use and customer support.

The particle counter has its own power supply cable and can be connected direct to machinery independent of the filter rig.

The device has a required flow of 50ml to 500ml and a max pressure of 480 bar.

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