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FabTrol’s Version 3.0 software includes a one-click XML export that contains all routing, CNC, and nesting data required to fabricate a production batch.

This one-click solution automatically: includes routing of assemblies and related parts to the correct work area; organises the CNC data imported from the 3D model in DSTV format by production batch and CNC machine, putting the files in appropriate folders for the controller that drives each machine; includes the matching cutting solution and pull lists for only the stock items required for the production batch; and includes parts for future production batches coming out of the pulled stock items, eliminating the need to pull the same stock item twice.

Whether the fabricator starts from the material management side (nesting) or the production planning side (batching), the same result is achieved.

The single-source XML file automatically consolidates the cutting, routing, stock and CNC information for each batch.

FabTrol MRP’s solution works with any common brand of CNC controller that can import DSTV files.

Every fabricator spends time: producing a production plan; batching work so that it will flow efficiently through the shop; nesting material to match the production plans as closely as possible; prioritising the pulling and cutting of the right stock into parts that match the production plan; managing stock remnants pulled from one production batch that will be used on a future batch; coordinating delivery of CNC files to the right machine operator at the right time; and gathering and packaging information.

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