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Micro-Mesh Engineering has invested in Factorymaster’s automatic Quote to Sales Order facility, integrated material requirements planning (MRP) module and Purchase Order expediting.

The company designs, manufactures and supplies OEM filtration and hydraulic equipment for industrial applications.

In order to further improve its profitability and have better control over the quality of its products, Micro-Mesh decided to increase its manufacturing output from 20 per cent to 80 per cent of turnover as well as increase its sales and revenue.

This presented the company with the following problems: managing the additional purchasing requirements for all the components sourced from different suppliers at home and abroad (all with their own lead times and prices), ensuring that items are ordered economically and arrive on time for production; maintaining and recalling supplier prices and stock for finished products; and handling the vast number of quotation requests and their subsequent transferral into sales orders, which was time consuming and involved the costly mistakes that come with the re-keying of data.

After running a feasibility study, Micro-Mesh calculated that, to achieve the growth it desired, it would need to employ three additional members of staff, which would offset any real profitability gains it would make.

Factorymaster’s automatic Quote to Sales Order facility, integrated MRP module and Purchase Order expediting helped Micro-Mesh to address all of its requirements.

Sales staff can now generate sales orders more quickly and easily and have all the correct and up-to-date information at hand when customers call to enquire about the progress of their orders.

The purchase order expediting feature has allowed the company to diarise and record contact with key suppliers.

Micro-Mesh’s production department now receives its materials on time, resulting in the on-time delivery of goods to its customers.

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