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Fagor Automation is offering the 8065 CNC numerical control, said to provide the versatility and simplicity of the 8055 CNC with the power of the 8070 CNC.

The 8055 CNC is mainly used by machine-tool manufacturers, but is also used in the retrofit sector, especially on large machines.

Its conversational programming language, which does not require any ISO programming knowledge, makes it a suitable CNC for machining single parts, as well as for mass production.

The conversational language is adapted to the shop working methods, using help screens and graphics that facilitate the programming of any part.

The 8070 CNC is aimed at larger machines for more complex machining.

Based on a PC platform, it maintains all the key features of the 8055 CNC.

It also offers some new ones that are suitable for working on five-axis machines, lathes with Y axis, and machining for sectors like aerospace or energy, to achieve higher quality machining and reduced machining times.

The 8065 is said to improve the look of the 8070 CNC, and will be presented at EMO in Milan from 5 to 10 October 2009.

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