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Famic has completed its mandate to design a diagnosis function for the Professional Troubleshooting Skills (PTS), a CAE tool designed to train aircraft electrical systems maintenance technicians.

Developed by Famic Technologies, Automation Studio has been selected by CAE for its simulation features, which have been proven to be very beneficial to PTS.

First of all, Automation Studio capabilities allow users to go much more in depth than what an animation alone could bring, rendering PTS a truly integrated simulation tool.

Fault-diagnosis exercises are based on actual schematics of simulated aircraft systems schematics that respond to troubleshooting procedures.

With the interactive graphical showing physical representations of the aircraft or system being examined, Automation Studio allows students to observe how the system reacts to their various commands.

Automation Studio’s performance capabilities enhance PTS with the flexibility and scalability needed to create a multitude of failure scenarios.

It is thus possible to create different training frameworks without having to modify the tool or to make any unnecessary and costly modifications to adapt PTS to another learning scenario.

Finally, with the addition of an evaluation function in order to determine the fastest and most cost-effective troubleshooting solution, technicians will be better trained to quickly repair failures and choose the most efficient options to perform their maintenance activities.

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