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Okazaki Manufacturing has developed the Fan Tip tube skin thermocouple for process heaters that can be bent and coiled to enable movement in both the horizontal and vertical axes.

The 40mm end tip of the thermocouple can be welded to the heater tubes on both sides, which significantly reduces the chances of the thermocouple breaking off while in service.

Chris Chant, business-development manager at Okazaki Manufacturing, said: ‘In today’s oil refinery business, there is an ever increasing need to improve efficiencies, ensure safe plant operation and to extend the time between shutdowns.

‘One area where this is becoming more critical is in the measurement of the tube skin temperature (TMT) within process fired heaters.

‘The Fan Tip tube skin thermocouple has a unique fan-shaped head that enables it to be easily welded to any type of process heater tube.

‘This means the user gets a more accurate temperature measurement on the surface of the tube.

‘Construction and tip profile accuracy is now between 4-6C of the true tube temperature.’ Currently used by BP, Esso, Exxon Mobil and Statoil, the Fan Tip thermocouple is ideal for any process burning or heating applications, including hazardous area oil and gas, chemical and petrochemical installations.

The Fan Tip is suitable for gas-fired, light fuel oil and heavy fuel-oil heaters.

The sheath can be supplied in either 316 stainless steel for gas-fired heaters, Hastelloy-X for light fuel oil, or dual sheath AR-161 version for arduous, heavy fuel-oil applications.

The design of the Fan Tip thermocouple is such that it can be used in all process-heater applications.

The length of the sheath can be increased by up to 30 metres.

The sheath can be bent in a cold state to meet any fixture and exit point on the heater tube.

Okazaki Manufacturing Company

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