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Mettler-Toledo, a supplier of precision instruments, offers the Newclassic MS as a durable, high-performance balance that helps grain operators acheive both accuracy and speed.

This benefits not only buyers but also farmers, who are paid based on crop quality.

Harvest is a busy time at grain-receiving sites and testers must work quickly, often in extreme conditions, to expedite offloading and reduce related operating costs.

But in addition to speed, assuring grain quality is paramount to ensure the integrity of the international food supply chain.

Density, moisture content and protein quality must fall within certain tolerances to be accepted.

Accurate grading produces more uniform flour and in the end, more satisfying bread and other cereal grain products.

ISO 7971 specifies a multi-step routine for determining the bulk density or mass per hectolitre of grain samples.

If any variable is off, an entire truckload may be deemed poor quality, resulting in expensive delays or even product refusal.

This demonstrates how important it is to employ a well-designed and intuitive balance at pivotal supply-chain entry points.

Mettler Toledo claims its Newclassic MS delivers the accuracy, ease-of-use and durability it takes to perform under pressure every day.

Density is calculated in kilograms per hectolitre (kg/hL), so receiving begins with the straightforward weighing of a half-litre of grain.

Because harvested grain usually contains extraneous matter, the sample is screened and the balance switched to percentage mode.

The screened sample and separated non-grain material are weighed separately for their respective percentages.

Finally, the balance is returned to gram mode and 100 kernels are weighed and multiplied by 10.

If results are within accepted tolerances, workers begin unloading.

Consider that this complex, multi-step process happens dozens or even hundreds of times per day and it becomes clear that the right balance can create big efficiency gains for grain operators.

Mettler Toledo claims the Newclassic MS delivers not only the precision measurements required but also easy operation, to continue driving down testing time.

It is designed to have a fast settling time that allows operators obtain almost instantaneous results.

The Newclassic MS’s High Contrast Display (HCD) adjusts for use in a wide range of ambient lighting to reduce operator eyestrain.

In addition, with the Newclassic MS’s relative, as well as absolute, weighing modes and built-in arithmetical functions, various key ISO 7971 figures can be read directly or sent with a date and time stamp to a GLP/GMP-compliant printer for easy tracking.

All mode switches are performed with quick presses of pre-programmed Newclassic MS Smartkeys.

Audible keypress feedback and intuitive menus, available in a broad range of language options, also enhance operator confidence with the weighing process.

The Newclassic MS’s precision Monobloc weighing cell is protected by overload and shock protection.

Precision features offer adaptive sensitivity as well, allowing the Newclassic MS to deliver accurate readings in the presence of external vibrations.

Mettler-Toledo’s proprietary Fully Automatic Calibration Technology (FACT) is aimed to assure operators that the balance will continue displaying solid, repeatable results even with dramatic temperature swings at the test site.

IP54-rated to protect against dust and water, the Newclassic MS is encased in a tough metal housing, reinforced with a chemical-resistant outer finish to increase durability.

It stands rock-solid on a pair of Level Lock feet that have been added to the standard levelling system.

An extra-large weighing pan is another helpful heavy-duty feature.

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