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World-leading fastener specialist EJOT has developed its unique EPPsys range of fasteners for use in lightweight materials including foams – especially expanded polypropylene (EPP).

Advantages include an exceptional strength to weight ratio, durability, application versatility, optimisation for automated assembly, and recyclability.

A significant extra benefit is that the EPPsys range is fully supported by EJOT expertise, which is also available to any designer or manufacturer wishing to evaluate the potential of EPPsys products.

Fastenings for lightweight materials that are strong and reliable, yet themselves lightweight, can significantly improve product quality and assembly efficiency. Such fastenings have been elusive before EJOT introduced this innovative and ground-breaking technology, developed in response to the exacting requirements of leading manufacturers, including many in the automotive sector.

EPPsys design criteria included quality of performance, ease and speed of fixing, cost effectiveness, and ready adaptability to multiple lightweight materials and assembly processes.

EJOT EPPsys products have been extensively tested in assembly environments. As a result there is a wealth of technical data available to guide designers and manufacturers. This helps ensure a seamless integration of EPPsys products into existing automated or semi-automated assembly lines.

Steve Wynn, Sales Manager for EJOT’s UK Industrial Fastening Division is confident that the EPPsys range is a major step in opening up the design potential of lightweight materials.

‘Weight reduction is now a universal design imperative, so there’s a demand for fasteners that allow EPP foams and PP honeycombs to be used more extensively. EJOT has always been ahead of the field, so we’ve been developing EPPsys products for a long time. The performance and versatility of the product variants within the range put them in a class of their own.’

The EJOT EPPsys product group currently consists of:


A unique fastening boss Installed by friction welding directly in to EPP foam. Friction welding – essentially using the heat generated by controlled rotation to embed the fastening element into the host material – is well established, but its use in EPP foams and such structures is an exclusive EJOT innovation.

Advantages of the EPPsys RSD include:

  • No pilot hole needed.
  • Very easy and process reliable creation of an attachment point in EPP foam.
  • Suitability for almost all EPP foam densities.
  • High torque levels and pull-out loads.
  • Assembly independent of any component tolerances.
  • Optimal screw boss for use with the EJOT DELTA PT screw.
  • Fast and clean installation.
  • Weight savings.

EPPsys D

For direct assembly into foamed products for cost savings and greater design freedom. It performs best with EPP but is also effective with other foams.

  • The EPPsys D does not need a pilot hole, which eliminates hole overlap problems.
  • It has high process reliability owing to the large margin between installation and stripping torque.
  • It has high axial load capacity when fastened.
  • The plastic material used in its construction delivers significant weight savings.
  • All forms of assembly – manual, semi-automatic and fully automatic – are possible.

Typical applications include fastening add-on parts to vehicle bumpers, fastening vehicle crash pads and EPP boxes (for example for securing a box for an in-car first aid kit), and fastening or attaching components to insulation materials within a wide range of products.


The EPPsys DR is effectively the EPPsys D with a snap-fit alternative for component attachment. Two engagement hooks enable the easy attachment of thin-walled components.

It gives all the advantages of the EPPsys D plus:

  • Easy attachment of EPP components to thin-walled components.
  • Easy and secure snap-fitting of the mounted parts.
  • A large clamping thickness range.
  • Axial tolerance compensation within the clamping thickness range.
  • Radial tolerance compensation.

 EJOT has a team of experienced Application Engineers servicing all areas of the UK. They support design engineering projects locally and through its global network of technical support facilities.

Since 1922 the German owned EJOT Group has grown to become arguably the largest original manufacturer of fasteners and fastening solutions that span multiple sectors and individual markets including Automotive Engineering, Consumer Electronics and the Construction Industry.

Here in the UK the company’s philosophy of market proactivity is evidenced by its product range and its support to designers, manufacturers and OEMs. EJOT has gained widespread approval for application specific products, achieving technical compliance through comprehensive development procedures, gaining acceptance from engineers and procurement alike. Technical testing, development and support is provided by the EJOT Applitec Centre which is based within the company’s UK manufacturing centre in North Yorkshire, with additional expertise provided by sister laboratories around the world.

Advanced fastening solutions for engineering

EJOT’s product and service capability to industrial engineers is based on cost-reduction through intelligent purchase. The realtime cost of managing a fastener impacts in five critical areas; the fastener itself, assembly, quality of joint, procurement and logistics. EJOT’s ability to create either one-sided assembly or part-reduced solutions means its products consistently deliver significantly higher performance resulting in genuine ‘bottom line’ savings. This way, cost reduction does not equate to a lowering of quality.

EJOT’s traditional engineering product portfolio includes high quality fixings for thin sheet through to cast metals, alloys and thermoset plastics. The technology to ‘build lighter, build stronger’ has seen the company develop market leading solutions for fastening into lightweight materials such as EPP foams and honeycomb composites. Leading manufacturers from the automotive industry are now adapting EJOT’s licenced EJOWELD technology for joining high strength boron steel to lightweight aluminium.

EJOT provides sophisticated prognosis and forecasting software bespoke to the company and exclusively for customers to benefit by. Application Engineers assist with project development from concept to production line.

By reducing the inspection required and also the number of unnecessary parts needed, procurement and inventory management also becomes much easier. Pre-engineering, or tear-down analysis can be freely undertaken from the initial consultation. Project management is led by experienced application engineers who are supported by the Group’s unique and highly sophisticated development arm Applitec, with sister laboratories based in Germany and at the Group’s UK base near Leeds.

Applitec research and development centre

Ejot products are high in quality, always corresponding to current technical standards by investigation and development. The competitive market and changing demands require a fast response to maintain this quality and to meet Global standards — often before they are even issued. It is for this reason that EJOT developed its own unique Applitec facility in the UK. It’s here that testing for all aspects of fastener technology, from simple dimensional and three-dimensional analysis to testing the mechanical, structural and material dynamics of properties of the product and performance in application.

Globally EJOT operates 15 manufacturing centres in ten countries, employing over 3,100 people. In addition to the manufacturing operations the Group has 34 subsidiaries in 32 countries, with six research and testing centres in strategic locations. EJOT has also developed partnerships with several academic institutions, aimed at maintaining the development of advanced fastening solutions for the future.

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