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FasTest has launched the Electronic Tooling System (ETS), a modular electronic sealing device for use within applications such as female luer connectors, plastic moulded parts, lumens and medical connections and automation.

The ETS is claimed to easily integrate into most leak-test systems for manual, semi- or fully automated testing.

According to the company, the ETS provides a clean and reliable alternative to traditional pneumatic sealing devices, simplifying and improving leak tests in a range of demanding applications, such as medical, pharmaceutical, food and beverage, and industrial.

By varying the target current, the device is scalable, providing a repeatable sealing force that ranges from a soft touch for delicate parts to a firm grip for work holding.

Key specifications

  • Can operate as a standalone sealing system or can be controlled via I/O or connected via serial, Ethernet or Devicenet
  • 24V DC drive system eliminates contaminants and moisture ingress
  • Reduces maintenance time and costs by removing internal seals that wear and fail
  • Sealing tool locks onto media, even under power loss
  • Customer-supplied leak-test instrument
  • Controller controls tool operation and sealing force, and allows monitoring and/or changing of tool settings
  • ETS internal sealing tool offers sealing range from 0.310 to1.339 IDs and test pressures from vacuum to 120psi
  • ETS external sealing tool offers sealing range from 0.030 to 0.827 ODs and test pressures from vacuum to 500psi
  • Tool cable powers the tool
  • Control (I/O) cable for actuation of the tool with external switch/contacts
  • Power cord provides 120V AC input to the controller
  • Customer-supplied test media connection provides the connection between the pressure source and the tool for monitoring test statuses
  • Customer-supplied laptop/PLC controller can be used for monitoring and control
  • Serial or Ethernet interface can allow actuation of the tool from the laptop or PLC, as well as communication of the tool status and remote monitoring and control

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