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Fastlane Ventilation Equipment of Paddock Wood in Kent, has produced a 32-page, full colour, A4 brochure on its heat recovery units.

The addition of heat recovery equipment is one way of saving energy and reducing expenditure in larger buildings.

The heating of buildings in cold weather and the cooling of them in warmer conditions is wasteful when extracted air is simply expelled into the atmosphere outside, since the buildings’ HVAC systems must compensate for the loss.

Fastlane’s recovery devices, fitted into the extraction plant of buildings can recover a large proportion of the otherwise wasted energy.

Heat recovery units recover heat energy from the extracted air and transfer it to fresh air as it enters the building utilising a counter-flow heat exchanger between the inbound and outbound air flow.

They provide fresh air and improved climate control, while also saving energy by reducing the heating (or cooling) requirements.

The Fastlane brochure features several different methods of transferring energy from the extracted stale air, including: heat recovery wheels that reduce energy-related costs in air handling units; plate-type heat exchangers, which keep the two air streams separate, thus avoiding contamination; and runaround coil systems that are particularly suited to the handling of larger air volumes.

The brochure features direct-drive, belt-drive and bespoke heat recovery units.

For instance, the Nevada range provides a solution for both heating and cooling applications where a small unit is required to handle small air volumes.

Units are suitable for internal and external mounting and are available in two standard arrangements; side-by-side or double-deck to suit space requirements.

Fastlane can also manufacture units for internal or external mounting to meet particular customer specifications, configurations and sizes that are non-standard, in either a side-by-side or double-deck arrangement to suit site requirements.

They can be designed to suit most applications with a wide variety of options such as cooling and heating coils, humidifiers, dampers, Summer-bypass dampers, air filters, control panels and many others.

The Fastlane brochure gives full details of construction, design, fans, motors, filters and heaters, along with component specification, performance, electrical and dimensional data.

Fastlane Ventilation Equipment is part of the Elta Group.

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