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Kemppi has launched the FastMig Pulse 350 and 450 welding systems incorporating Wise and Match welding software solutions.

Menus include weld processes for root- and thin-plate welding, auto power regulation and arc-length recognition, plus additional base curves and panel-function options.

FastMig Pulse is designed for use in ship and offshore fabrication yards, chemical-process industries, car and vehicle manufacturing and general production welding.

These 400V three-phase 50/60Hz welding systems include welding profile options that allow customers to invest in a standard package (Work Pack) or to tailor a package (Project Pack) to meet specific welding requirements in basic, synergic, pulsed and double-pulsed MIG/MAG and MMA welding applications.

The power sources are rated at 350A at 80 per cent duty cycle and 450A at 60 per cent duty cycle respectively, with both machines provide welding voltages of 10-50V and having an OCV of 50V.

The power source ArcWizard P65 interface panel manages the menu selection including language, welding functions, user channel parameters, system configuration and a date and time display.

Work Pack provides all the basic requirements for MIG/MAG, 1-MIG and pulsed synergic welding, including ferrous, aluminium and stainless-steel welding curves over a range of wire diameters.

Project Pack is designed for users with a specific project, such as single-base material needs or thin- or root-pass welding requirements needing only one or two products from the Wise and Match solution menus.

DataGun is a compact, automatic, field programme device for delivering Kemppi software updates, such as Wise and Match products and Project Pack packages.

The device is plugged into the equipment and the licence software is automatically downloaded.

The MXF63, MXF65 and MSF67 wire feeders for the FastMIG Pulse system are fitted with DuraTorque 4 x 4 wire-drive mechanism and a PF65 wire-feed panel, allowing the operator to control the arc at any distance, providing power and arc-length control, channel memory, gas test, wire inching, 2T/4T, hot start and crater fill, plus optional MMA and MatchLog.

The MFX63 is suitable for 200mm spools and the MFX65 and MXF67 for 300mm spools.

The MXF67 has a tough, robust impact-resistant dual-skin plastic housing for the toughest welding environments.

An optional R30 Data Remote control, which is the size of a mobile phone, gives the user power control, welding date display or channel selection at distances up to 10m from the wire-feed unit.

Other features include the option to use the SuperSnake GT02S ultra-long 10-, 15-, 20- and 25m-long air- and water-cooled MIG/MAG welding systems for distance wire feeding and restricted access welding, which increases wire feeding by up to 30m from the MXF63, MXF 65 and MXF 67 wire feeders.

SuperSnake has a high visibility, bright orange composite material cable set and slim bumper profile body with meter display and welding parameter adjustments at the welder’s end.

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