Product Details Supplier Info More products (FCH) has announced the availability of a set of web services that enables third-party software vendors to interface with the FCH fastener database.

FCHServices is available to software vendors focused on fastener inventory management and distribution.

Users will be able to search the FCH fastener database from within their own inventory management environment to locate items that other distributors may have in stock.

They also will be able to upload their own inventory directly to FCH, creating online listings that can be accessed by other distributors via the FCH search engine.

The first software company to implement FCHServices is INXSQL Distribution Software of Waterford, Michigan.

The latest release of the company’s flagship inventory management system allows INXSQL users to search FCH from the inventory detail screens so that warehouse managers can quickly locate additional stock sources whenever the need arises.

The INXSQL release also features an upload control that enables users to post their inventory to the FCH website without having to first create a spreadsheet or other intermediate file.

The search functionality is supported by FCH’s proprietary Scrubber technology, which was originally developed to simplify inventory uploads and has been reverse engineered to support the search tool provided within FCHServices.

The Scrubber leverages a knowledge base of industry nomenclature, shorthand and abbreviations, developed from numerous uploads, and Din, ISO, IFI and ASME standard specifications.

It also deploys complex character sequence logic to deliver relevant search result sets from non-standard data.

FCHServices requires no cross index files or mapping tables to perform its searches.

It supports other advanced features that have not yet been fully leveraged.

For example, users could generate requests for product inquiries via the FCH Sourcefinder network from within their inventory management system.

Using FCHServices, inquiries would reach potential suppliers in near real time, simplifying and expediting the process of locating difficult-to-find stock.

The FCH network currently serves almost 200 listing members and more than 430,000 fastener line items in its online database, which can be searched at no charge.


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