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Fluid Components is offering the GF90 Gas Flow Meter for measuring chlorine gas in municipal water disinfection systems.

The FCI GF90 mass gas flow meter is inserted in the chlorine gas process piping and its 4-20mA output wired to the input/output (I/O) modules in the automation system.

The automation system then continuously measures and controls the amount of chlorine to be dispensed for optimum water purity.

With its solid-state precision flow sensor design, the GF90 reduces the problem of plugging that can occur with small-bore orifice design sensors such as differential pressure devices.

As a solid-state meter, the GF90 can measure extremely low flow rates and it is a simple process to construct the sensor of materials that make it impervious to chlorine gas.

Materials of construction for wetted parts include Hastelloy-C as an option.

The GF90 Flow Meter’s constant power technology results in a stable output with accuracy of +1 per cent of reading plus 0.5 per cent of full scale, with repeatability of +0.5 per cent of reading or better.

The GF90 is designed to measure a range of air/gas flows, from 0.25 to 1600 SFPS (ft/sec at a standard temperature of 70F and pressure of 14.7 psia) or 0.08 to 487.7 NMPS (m/sec at a normal temperature of 21.1C and pressure of 1.013 bar absolute), with a turndown ratio up to 1000:1.

It is available for service in a range of fluid temperature applications, from -100 to 850F (-73 to 454C) and pressure applications to 1000 psig (69 bar (g)).

The GF90 Flow Meter is designed for multi-gas or variable flow processes and includes an advanced microprocessor-based programmable transmitter that can store up to three gas calibration groups.

Each group can be manually or automatically switched for a specific gas calibration to provide accuracy in complicated processes where gas mix percentages can change due to specific flow conditions.

The instrument also measures mass flow and temperature.

The user can address the GF90’s transmitter electronics via a built-in LCD display and keypad or through its RS-232C serial port.

Functions include in-field programming to change zero, span, switch points and engineering units, or access to perform calibration verification, troubleshooting and other diagnostic functions.

The serial port supports access to other electronic devices.

The GF90’s transmitter features dual alarm switch points with alarm relay outputs.

It also offers two independent, field programmable analogue signal outputs of 4-20mA, 0-10V DC, 0-5V DC and/or 1-5V DC, which can be assigned to any combination of flow and/or temperature.

The switch points are user field-programmable to alarm at high, low or windowed settings and are assigned to flow and temperature measurements.

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