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A feeder protection box from Ningbo Huijia Electronic Technology is used in fast adaptor sealing and protection according to the requirements of communication base-station maintenance engineers.

With its sealing technology, the engineering maintenance product provides a fast and reliable seal and operation is said to be very simple.

It can stand years of extreme weather and can be used repeatedly so that maintenance costs are reduced.

The product facilitates the construction, antenna feeder protection box inspection, station relocation, inspection and repair of adaptors.

The housing of the Huijia antenna feeder protection box has a reinforced design with a high-performance engineering-level macromolecule material.

The seal chamber is made of core material gel, which enables fast and effective seal-to-feeder joints that can cope with environmental changes.

They can also retain anti-humid and insulation performance in the long term within an ambient temperature range of -40C to +65C.

With the special design of the embedded seal pin, the installation and dismantlement can be done in a few seconds, according to the company.

Non-professionals can perform the operation work and provide standard construction maintenance.

The protection box, completely separating the adaptor from the external environment, passes strict waterproof testing and low-to-high temperature testing, ensuring the stable and reliable electrical performance of the cable and adaptor.

The device is resistant to ultraviolet radiation and impact.

It can be installed and dismantled easily, reducing high-altitude operation time and making the work safer, according to the company.

Ningbo Huijia Electronic Technology

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