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Fein has added two mobile high-frequency (HF) single-station converters to its HF range.

The HFS 17-300 and the HFS 27-300 enable high-frequency grinders to be used at workstations without an HF mains connection.

Only a 230V electrical connection is needed on the construction site or in smaller operations.

The Fein HF angle grinders and straight grinders deliver a higher grinding capacity than standard-frequency machines, according to the company.

They are suitable for continuous use in metal construction, steel construction, tank construction, shipbuilding and foundries.

The HF single-station converters can be connected to any 230V socket with a 16A fuse, without the need for installation, and convert the mains frequency to an HF connection at 300Hz.

The HFS 17-300 and the HFS 27-300HP provide outputs of 1,700W and 2,700W respectively.

They can also be used on the construction site as they only weigh 5.9kg and 8.3kg.

All of the construction elements are sealed.

As they feature no wearing parts, the HF single-station converters are claimed to be maintenance free and have a long service life.

They satisfy the requirements of protection class IP 44 and are thereby protected from penetration by foreign bodies and splash water.

HF power tools operate at 200V and at 300Hz, allowing them to reach higher speeds and deliver up to a 30 per cent higher grinding capacity than standard-frequency machines with a frequency of 50Hz or 60Hz.

Using HF cuts the required working time and reduces grinding disc consumption and maintenance costs.

HF power tools from Fein can be used with HF single-station converters or can be integrated in existing HF systems.

They feature a dust-proof encapsulated motor with surface cooling and are very low maintenance and durable; they feature no wearing power-transmitting elements.

In industry and manual trades, an investment in an HF machine is worthwhile if power tools are to be used continuously for more than three hours a day, according to the company.

Fein provides support in planning HF networks and can advise smaller operations.

The company works out the best system design by taking into account the onsite conditions, such as the number of workstations needed or the required performance.

The current Fein HF angle grinders and straight grinders have high power reserves and the technology they feature has been revamped with the introduction of the HF single-station converter.

Fein’s MSf 843-1c angle grinder now has a 125mm disc diameter and a 1,100W motor.

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