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Festo has developed a self-adjusting pneumatic cushioning system, available as a build-to-order option for the company’s DSNU series round-cylinder pneumatic actuators.

The system employs air-channel geometry to provide phased venting of the cushioning air.

The system automatically adapts its characteristics to suit the cylinder’s prevailing load and speed conditions, to provide optimum end-position cushioning.

Festo is initially offering the system on its DSNU family of round cylinders.

Models available with the new system span diameters from 16 to 63mm, with stroke lengths up to 500mm.

The DSNU pneumatic actuators offer a choice of polymer (P) or manually-adjustable pneumatic (PPV) end-position cushioning, for applications involving low- and high-impact energy levels, respectively.

The cushioning is primarily intended for medium-impact energy applications involving loads up to 5kg and speeds up to approximately 1m/sec.

PPS cushioning is also available on Festo’s CRDSNU corrosion-resistant stainless-steel round-line cylinders, which eliminate potential dirt entrapment around a cushioning screw.

Because the exhaust flow of the pneumatic cushioning chamber changes over the damping stroke, Festo’s PPS system works with most commonly permissible speed and mass combinations, making it suitable for a range of applications.

Festo estimates that on average, the system will help users shave five minutes off a cylinder’s installation and set-up time.

Since it has no settings to change, the system is completely tamper proof and offers a long, maintenance-free service life.

Festo DSNU pneumatic cylinders equipped with the PPS system are 100 per cent interchangeable with the company’s manually-adjustable DSN-PPV models.

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