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Festo launches a short-stroke electric cylinder for process-type applications demanding fast and controllable movement, such as selectively ejecting faulty parts in a high-throughput testing station.

Initially available in two sizes with peak thrust force ratings of 35N and 52N, the ADNE-LAS cylinder offers a choice of four stroke lengths from 15 to 45mm.

The cylinder is a suitable alternative to solenoid actuators.

It has an IP65 rating and an ISO standard form factor, which means that it can use the same mounting brackets and accessories as other similarly sized Festo products, so machine designers can mix and match different drive technologies to create task-optimised automation.

Although the cylinder uses closed-loop control to ensure positioning accuracy, there are no servo parameters to set up – instead, users can teach the controller the two required end positions of the piston rod.

Festo’s ADNE-LAS electric cylinders offer a choice of two 32mm profile models with stroke lengths of 15 and 35mm, and two 40mm profile models with stroke lengths of 20 and 45mm.

The 32mm profile models can produce a thrust force of 35N peak and 8N continuous, while the 40mm profile models are capable of generating a thrust force of 52N peak and 12N continuous.

All four models provide +/-0.5mm positioning repeatability.

The ADNE-LAS cylinder’s linear motor is based on a tubular design, using high flux annular magnets on the actuator rod, closely surrounded by a series of specialised windings on the stator coil.

Festo said that its design offers a number of advantages, including low moving mass and a complete absence of flexible cabling to the moving parts – both of which contribute to the motor’s reliability and dynamic performance capabilities.

Furthermore, the cylinders have no external magnetic field and are therefore suitable for environments subject to swarf, such as in machine tool applications.

Festo has developed a special cost-optimised end-position controller to partner the ADNE-LAS electric cylinder.

Known as the CMFL, the controller accepts feedback from the cylinder’s built-in magnetic encoder and maintains its drive output signal until the piston rod has reached the desired end position.

Unlike a solenoid actuator, the ADNE-LAS has a very high power density and produces a constant force throughout the entirety of its stroke – much like a pneumatic actuator, though without the same extremely high force levels.

Self-adaptive loop gain control decelerates actuator movement as it nears the end of its stroke, to provide completely automatic end-position cushioning.

The CMFL controls the movement of the cylinder’s piston rod in both directions and is capable of storing four different movement patterns, any of which can be selected and initiated via digital inputs; the controller also produces a ‘motion complete’ output signal when the piston rod reaches its end position.

The combination of controller and cylinder can handle stroke cycles – movement in and out – as high as 20Hz, for periods of up to 10 minutes at a time without interruption.

The entire system operates from a single safety extra-low voltage (SELV) 48V DC source and can also be run from 24V DC, with suitable de-rating.

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