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Festo is set to unveil its EGC electromechanical axes for the first time in the UK, along with a new integrated multi-axis motion controller.

Festo’s EGC axes are the direct result of an extensive research and development programme to advance the performance of electromechanical drives, and feature a new profile design which provides rigidity.

They provide a performance gain of between 100 per cent and 200 per cent over their previous-generation counterparts, yet they cost 10 per cent less.

The company said they offer good feed force, speed, acceleration and torque resistance characteristics.

EGC axes are ideal for use in gantry-type materials handling, supplying and transporting systems, and are likely to open up new application areas for high-performance single- and multi-axis motion control.

The multi-axis controller is an integrated intelligent module intended for use with Festo’s CPX series of multifunctional electrical terminals.

Known as the CPX-CMXX, the controller provides a PLC-compatible interface for multi-dimensional axis control.

It can execute both simple, individual axis movements and coordinated movements of several electric drives.

The controller is easy to configure and set up, and also helps to eliminate a considerable amount of system wiring.

About Festo

Festo manufactures pneumatic and electrical components and systems to support customers with factory and process automation. The company has an annual turnover in excess of 1.7 billion Euro, employs 12,800 people around the world and has facilities in 176 countries around the world. Festo operates an aggressive R&D programme investing 7.5% of sales annually, holds over 2,800 worldwide patents, introduces about 100 innovative new products to the market every year and has a product range of over 30,000. For more information about the company’s products and services, please visit our website.  

About Festo Didactic

Festo Didactic, the training and consultancy division of Festo, supports organisations seeking to develop competencies in sales & service, leadership, employee engagement, change management, team-working, coaching, business planning, production processes and automation technology. The division has particular expertise in working with manufacturing and engineering businesses. It has a full time workforce of over 200 and operates in 70 countries worldwide. Each year, it manages more than 230 consultancy projects and runs more than 2,900 open courses in 26 languages, involving some 42,000 participants. For more information about Festo Didactic, please visit the Festo website and follow the link.

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