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GF Agiecharmilles has introduced the FI CCS high-performance wire EDM machines.

They are equipped with the latest generation of Cleancut digital generators and are fast and reliable.

They deliver exceptional quality (accuracy and surface finish), are economic and environmentally friendly and open up new business opportunities for customers looking to break into different high-precision manufacturing sectors.

The FI CCS machines have cutting speeds in excess of 400mm2/min and enable manufacturers to use large (and cheaper) diameter wires for rough cutting operations.

The ability to use bigger diameter wires reduces the number of cuts required to produce the finished part, enabling the FI CCS machines to achieve Ra 0.6um surface finishes in three cuts and Ra 0.3um in just four cuts.

Furthermore, all FI CCS machines are equipped with ICP (Integrated Collision Protection) on X-, Y-, U- and V-axes, which means rapid rates of 3m/min can be achieved and maintained without the danger of unwanted and expensive collisions – a problem that affects competitor machines equipped with linear motors.

Operational speed and efficiency are also guaranteed by measurement cycles that are 300 per cent faster than competitor machines, and by automatic threading cycles – using Thermocut 2 Technology – that eliminate the need to drain or fill the work tank (for workpieces up to 100mm in height), and help to achieve 24-second spark-to-spark capability.

The speed and efficiency of the new FI CCS machines is matched by their accuracy and guaranteed precision – irrespective of the material being machined.

Ra 0.1um surface finishes are standard on the FI CCS machines.

And this is the same with machining complex tapers, which, using GF Agiecharmilles ‘Quadrax’ technology, enables manufacturers to achieve high-precision taper cuts of 45 degrees on tall workpieces (for example up to 510mm tall on the FI 640 CCS machine).

The high-accuracy performance of the machines is further explained by their fixed-table design and configuration.

Irrespective of workpiece weight (1-3000kg) and irrespective of the material being machined (for example steel, titanium, carbide, PCD), the FI CCS machines will perform to the same standards.

The performance of the new machines meets Nadcap and ISO 230-4 requirements and as such opens up new business opportunities in aerospace and medical-component manufacture for FI CCS customers.

Another characteristic of the new CCS machines is their economic and environmentally friendly operation.

The machines, with their high-efficiency digital generators, are also equipped with GF Agiecharmilles’ Econowatt function.

This energy-saving technology enables CCS machines to switch automatically to ‘sleep mode’ once machining operations have been completed and reduces the amount of energy required to perform rough cuts (less than 8kW) and less than 1kW when the machine has switched to ‘sleep mode’.

Econowatt technology means that CCS machines are economic and unlike competitor machines equipped with linear motors, can significantly reduce operational costs and energy bills.

Econotec technology also cuts operational costs on the CCS machines: it reduces wire consumption costs by up to 25 per cent when using 0.30mm diameter wire and improved filtration capabilities reduce filtration costs by 25 per cent.

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